Susan Ferrara

Manhattan-based actor, writer; storyteller.

Ibsen Society: “…one of the most deeply moving sequences in the play…”

Ibsen News and Comment
The Master Builder. Resonance Ensemble, New York, May 9-June 5, 2010.
Review by Marvin Carlson

“….Aline Solness is a difficult part, easily and often interpreted as the cold, almost sepulchral figure Hilda describes after their scene together in the final act. Susan Ferrara manages however to show us Aline with distinct traces of the maternal figure she might have been, a figure as suffering and troubled as her husband, but unable or unwilling to articulate her suffering as he revels in doing, revealing her inner state with a wary glance, a trembling lip, an aborted gesture. Her description, her voice breaking, of the loss of her dolls is one of the most deeply moving sequences in the production, and the little nervous smile that constantly trembles upon her lips as she assesses the desperate maneuvering of Hilda and Solness adds a powerful subtext to every scene in which she appears.”

(2010 Publication)

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