Susan Ferrara

Manhattan-based actor, writer; storyteller.

Next up: Monday 2/27/17 7pm at New Dramatists for a public reading of Matthew Freeman’s The Starving Dress, a new play


FEB 27 2017 – 7:00PM

  • 424 West 44th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)

When a woman in a red dress becomes aware that she is in sealed, liminal world, she searches her scattered memory and the fractious tribes that form around her for answers and, perhaps, a path to freedom.

All public events at New Dramatists are FREE. Reservations are required. Please call 212-757-6960 or click here to reserve your seats!

The Starving Dress is directed by Jessi Hill and features 26 actors, including Sol Crespo, Marguerite Stimpson, Megan Hill, Susan Ferrara, Moira Stone, Tracey Gilbert, Amanda Jones, Stacey Raymond, Leah Raymond, Christy Escobar, Katherine Gooch-Breault, Erin Anderson, Lynda Kennedy, Sara Thigpen, Rebecca Gray Davis, Kelley O’D, Julia Sirna-Frest, Renata Friedman, Sarah K. Lippmann, Josephine Stewart, Shelley Fort, Arielle Yoder, Sofia Agave Wasserman-Smith, Tammi Clayton, Charlotte La Nasa, and Danielle O’Farrell


Next up: Alexandria by Vince Gatton

Queer Plays reading: ALEXANDRIA by Vince Gatton

Posted by MB – February 2, 2017



Join us for the first play of Project Y Theatre’s 2017 reading series: Queer Plays this on Sunday, February 12th at 7pm at the ART/NY Bruce Mitchell Room (520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor).


by Vince Gatton

directed by Jordana Williams

Sunday February 12th at 7pm

ART/NY 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Bruce Mitchell Room



The reading will feature the acting talents of Tyrone Davis, Susan Ferrara, Matthew Freeman, Russell Jordan, and Jane Titus.


In a small town library in the Deep South, the two librarians share an unlikely close friendship, despite being on opposite sides of the gay marriage debate and culture war. But when a young runaway, global events, and the Sweep of Human History come crashing through their front door, what will it take for that friendship to survive?


Vince Gatton 1886 Mike Connor(1)



Vince Gatton is an New York-based actor and writer. He was recently nominated for a Desert Star award for his performance of Doug Wright’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 35-character solo play I Am My Own Wife at Coachella Valley Rep, which he previously performed at Barrington Stage Company and for Two Turns Theatre Company. He received a Drama Desk nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Play in David Johnston’s Candy and Dorothy. Other notables: Cock at the Kitchen Theatre in Ithaca; Fully Committed at Barrington Stage; The Temperamentals at New World Stages, standing by for Michael Urie; Exquisite Potential for Project Rushmore; and The Americans and Johnston’s Busted Jesus Comix with Blue Coyote Theater Group. A founding board member of New York Shakespeare Exchange, he has appeared in NYSX’s Titus Andronicus, King John, The Sonnet Project, and many ShakesBEER Pub Crawls. His first full-length play, Wake, was a semifinalist for PlayPenn 2016; his short In The Whole History of Hi-Q was a finalist for the 2015 Short Playwriting Award at the City Theatre in Miami; and his short Jam won Best Play in the 2015 LIC Short Play Festival at the Secret Theatre. He once lived the trivia nerd’s dream by appearing on Jeopardy. (He didn’t win.)


JW headshot



Jordana Williams (Director) Directing credits for Gideon Productions include Universal Robots at The Sheen Center, The Honeycomb Trilogy at The Gym at Judson (NY Times and Time Out NY Critics’ Picks, The Guardian’s “Top Ten New York Theatre of 2015”), Asymmetric at 59E59 (Time Out NY Critics’ Pick), Kill Shakespeare at HERE and NY Comic Con, Frankenstein Upstairs at the Secret Theatre (NY Magazine Approval Matrix: “Highbrow/Brilliant”), Ligatur e Marks at The Brick Theatre and Fringe Festival tour, Viral at SoHo Playhouse (FringeNYC Outstanding Production of a Play), Hail Satan at the Culture Project, The First Annual St. Ignatius Chanukah Pageant (Theatre Row), and three seasons with the Vampire Cowboys’ genre-bending Saturday Night Saloon. Numerous readings, developmental workshops, and such with Flux Theatre Ensemble, Ground UP Productions, Boomerang Theatre Company, The 24 Hour Plays, Retro Productions, The Brick, Wide Eyed Productions, and more. Member, Indie Theater Hall of Fame. Co-Artistic Director, Gideon Productions.



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On itunes: pumpkin pie show: stump speeches!

The Pumpkin Pie Show

By Clay McLeod Chapman

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FANGORIA’s Second Original Podcast, THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is an adaptation of the acclaimed stage show from Clay McLeod Chapman, starring Clay McLeod Chapman and Hanna Cheek. Celebrating its second decade of performances, THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is a literary fist in the face. Part storytelling session, part boxing match, part shamanistic ritual, THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW has established itself as an all-points artistic hodgepodge of theatre and literature. We pick and choose the essentials of both mediums, channeling their rocking properties in order to create a more intimate relationship between performer and audience. Our goal is to strip away the elements that we find extraneous to the tale being told, conjuring up an atmosphere of “creating something out of nothing,” as well as focusing on that ethereal connective tissue between the one telling the story and our audience. Packed with enough emotional intensity to feel like a rock concert rather than just spinning a yarn, THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is pure bedtime stories for adults.

Name Description Released Price

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show LIVE!: “Stump Speeches” We believe in America. What it once was. What it can be again. To make our nation great, everybody’s got to make sacrifices. Ancient sacrifices. In honor of the election year, the 19th annual Pumpkin Pie Show praises politics with some good ol’… 11/23/2016 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #22: “Our Body Language” The sinister second season of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW continues this week, with Clay McLeod Chapman winding a slow-burn tale of a predator in every sense of the word. Creepy, unsettling, and guaranteed to get under your skin, Chapman plays… 10/24/2016 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #21: “Second Helping” For the latest installment in the sinister second season of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, Clay McLeod Chapman offers a twisted tale that takes place in the Great Outdoors. The less you know, the better, but this episode is best not listened on an empty… 10/12/2016 Free View in iTunes

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ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #19: “Pick of the Litter” For the latest installment in the sinister second season of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, Clay McLeod Chapman taps into a parent’s worst nightmare. However, in this eerie episode, THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW twists that nightmarish narrative, offering a petrifying… 9/13/2016 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #18: “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key” For the latest installment in the sinister second season of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, Clay McLeod Chapman digs gets front and center with this colorful tale of terror. In fact, this macabre monologue might hit too close to home for readers of… 9/1/2016 Free View in iTunes

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ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #16: “Playing Doctor” After fifteen episodes and a three month hiatus, Clay McLeod Chapman’s macabre monologue series THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW has returned for its stomach-turning second season. With a new producer on board in THE RANTS MACABRE’s Darren Rosario, THE PUMPKIN… 7/6/2016 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #15: “Cul-de-Sac Descending” You know what’s so exceptional about horror? When it gets you in a honestly vulnerable position, you really have no choice in whether you’re squirming in your seat or feeling mighty terrified. And when you can do that to a room of… 4/1/2016 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #14: “Poor Man’s Mermaid” Fairy tales, bedtime stories and urban legends; some of the scariest stories of our childhood came from myths that existed far before us and far afterwards. While most of us grow out of looking for the Easter Bunny or The Tooth Fairy, some of us are… 3/25/2016 Free View in iTunes

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ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #12: “The President of the Fan Club” Over the past 48 hours, Americans have celebrated both love and legacy with back-to-back holidays: Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Yet in that perfect intersection comes a classic PUMPKIN PIE entry that fits equally as well between… 2/15/2016 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #11: “Diaper Genie”  “Diaper Genie” follows a new father who discovers an unexpected and bizarre benefit to diaper duty. “Diaper Genie” was written and performed by Clay McLeod Chapman. All material copyright Clay McLeod Chapman, 2016. 2/5/2016 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #10: “V.D.” Although the East Coast has found itself buried deep under snow, no weather can keep a good tale of terror from the ears of horror hounds. Thus FANGORIA climbs from our chilly trappings to bring you another eerie edition of Clay McLeod Chapman’s… 1/24/2016 Free View in iTunes

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ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #4: “Overbite” “Overbite” was written by Clay McLeod Chapman and performed by Hanna Cheek. “Overbite” follows the story of Iron Jaw, a lovely young trapeze artist who can hang from her harness for hours by nothing but her teeth… But don’t… 10/28/2015 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #3: “Late Bloomer” “Late Bloomer” was written by Clay McLeod Chapman and performed by Chapman and Hanna Cheek. An homage to the works of H.P. Lovecraft, “Late Bloomer” finds a young man whose education invokes something primal within himself. For more… 10/16/2015 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitThe Pumpkin Pie Show #2: “MAMA BIRD” The Second Original Program for the FANGORIA Podcast Network, THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is an audio adaptation of the acclaimed, nearly 20-year running stage show created by Clay McLeod Chapman, performed biweekly by Clay McLeod Chapman and Hanna Cheek…. 9/29/2015 Free View in iTunes

ExplicitPumpkin Pie Show #1: “B-Side” The Second Original Program for the FANGORIA Podcast Network, THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is an audio adaptation of the acclaimed, nearly 20-year running stage show created by Clay McLeod Chapman, performed biweekly by Clay McLeod Chapman and Hanna Cheek…. 9/14/2015 Free View in iTunes

Customer Reviews

Lives up to its description

“A literary fist to the face” is so perfectly accurate for this great podcast! Love it all! Looking forward to more episodes.

Narrative fiction at it’s best!

Clay and Hannah deliver some of the coolest, darkest, most creative stories you could imagine. Narrative fiction at it’s best. If you like scary stories, you owe it to yourself to download and listen to this.

Pumpkin Pie Show: Stump Speeches lands on Fangoria!


FANGORIA Podcast Network: “THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW” Presents “Stump Speeches”, Live and Uncut!

,,, pumpkin_V2Ever since THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW made its podcast debut back in 2014, FANGORIA has sung the praises of the show’s live, theatrical counterpart. Immersive, in-your-face, and completely insane, the live iteration of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is a beast unto itself. Now, the FANGORIA Podcast Network is incredibly proud and excited to present the latest live iteration of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, entitled “Stump Speeches,” presented completely uncut for the very first time.

Lauded by the New York Times, here’s the official synopsis for “Stump Speeches”…

We believe in America. What it once was. What it can be again. To make our nation great, everybody’s got to make sacrifices. Ancient sacrifices. In honor of the election year, the 19th annual Pumpkin Pie Show praises politics with some good ol’ fashioned mudslinging.

Recorded LIVE at Under St. Marks in New York City, “Stump Speeches” is written by Clay McLeod Chapman, with the song “Vote!” written by Katie Hartman. Includes performances by Clay McLeod Chapman, Hanna Cheek, Susan Ferrara, Abe Goldfarb, Katie Hartman, Brian Silliman, and Kristen Vaughan.

To hear this story, you can download the episode FOR FREE via Libsyn, Stitcher and iTunes, and Android users can enter the RSS Feed into your third party podcast listening application, such as BeyondPod. You can also follow Clayand Hanna on Twitter, and check back in 2 weeks for the next installment of THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW!

THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW Podcast is a presentation of the FANGORIA Podcast Network. THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW is produced by Clay McLeod Chapman, Hanna Cheek, Darren Rosario, Ken W. Hanley and Thomas DeFeo for FANGORIA Entertainment. “Stump Speeches” was recorded and engineered by Darren Rosario, and all material is copyrighted by Clay McLeod Chapman, 2016. Podcast Art provided by Robert Feldman for FANGORIA Entertainment.

For more on Clay McLeod Chapman and THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, please visit Clay’s official website HERE.For more information, press opportunities and advertising rates pertinent to THE PUMPKIN PIE SHOW, please contact

Amy Merrill’s “The Townhouse” coming up: 11/7/16

360RepCo to Present Reading of Amy Merrill’s New Play THE TOWNHOUSE 11/7

November 2
8:21 AM2016
Julia and Lance, a young professional New York City couple, have just moved into what they believe is their dream home, in the West Village. As they bicker over unpacking and remodeling, flyers containing radical slogans fly through the mail slot and land on the kitchen counter. Is the house haunted? Reluctantly, Julia decides to summon Eleanor, her mother and a dowser living in Vermont. Eleanor figures out the problem, but it will take more than a dowsing stick to uncover the secrets of the townhouse. A play about parents and children and how the past is never far away from the present.

There is a mystique about the March 6, 1970 Weatherman townhouse bombing. Books have been written about the event. James Merrill, the poet and my late uncle, wrote a poem about it: “18 W 11 Street”. The blast, from a bomb factory in the basement, took place on a quiet West Village street. The three victims and two survivors, all members of the Weatherman Underground, an offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society, were very young. To me, the event, though violent and senseless, is a tragic one not solely because of the loss of life, but because it expresses the frustration and despair felt by many young people at the time in the face of persistent racism and an ever escalating and widening Vietnam War. For members of my family, the townhouse bombing has a personal significance. In the 1920s, the building was owned by my grandfather, Charles Merrill, the founder of Merrill Lynch brokerage house. He lived with his Hellen Ingram Merrill, his second wife and James’s mother. James was born there. Family lore has it, that after a night on the town, Charlie and Hellen liked to drop in on the nearby Church of the Ascension to worship. From time to time, they made gifts of clothing and money to fellow parishioners in need. James Merrill‘s poem is about those two, very different generations of inhabitants: “the Aquarians in the basement perfecting a device…”; “wall to wall extravagance without variety”. Interestingly, the next owner, was Broadway lyricistHoward Dietz. So many layers, so many stories.

For me, THE TOWNHOUSE is an attempt to write not about the explosion, but its legacy. Rather than celebrate or mourn the Weathermen victims and survivors. I want to connect with the feelings of passion and frustration, not unlike the feelings that grip us today when outraged by the persistent inequality of our society, the toll of gun violence, and never ending wars. THE TOWNHOUSE is also about generations trying to talk to each other about the different ways that they look at the world. Lance and Julia come from very different worlds, which become all too apparent. Willy tries to hold on to his secrets. Julia and Eleanor, her mother, so disapprove of the way each lives her life that they have accumulated years of secrets and misunderstandings between the two of them. The haunted townhouse and its restless spirits may be unnerving, but they present an opportunity for each character to understand what happened in 1970 and later. I love all of my plays, but as I said recently to Thom Fogarty, THE TOWNHOUSE has a special meaning for me because of its mashup of past and present. Grateful thanks to Thom and 360repco for the opportunity to share it with you.

~~Amy Merrill

Amy Merrill is a playwright, a produce, and author of many plays. Her SILVER SPOON (Script by Amy Merrill, Music and Lyrics by Si Kahn) premiered at The Nora Theatre in Cambridge, MA in May/June 2011 and was subsequently produced in April 2012 at MainStage West in Sebastopol, CA. Several of her ten-minute plays have been featured in The Boston Theatre Marathon. In process: THE SQUARE, a play about a returning Iraq vet. A resident of the Boston area, Amy is a founder and member of the planning team for the Basra- Boston Project which seeks to make connections among scholars, artists and students in the United States and the University of Basra, Iraq ( In Fall 2016, Amy’s IN THE REEDS, will be performed at various Boston-area venues as part of the Basra-Boston project. Member: Brandeis University Arts Council and Alumni Board, Associate Member, Dramatists Guild.

Many of the ‘old guard’ of Judson will remember that 18 W. 11th Street is the home next to ARTHUR LEVIN – long time member of the Judson community which housed his MEDICAL CONSUMERS LIBRARY. He lived through that day and shared his memories of that time with us throughout the years. And now comes this play about that very same place. I jumped at the chance to do it.

The Townhouse
Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall, 239 Thompson Street, NYC

Monday, November 7, 2016 at 7:00pm


Written by Amy Merrill / Directed by Thom Fogarty

Featuring Matt Cohn* Ally Farzetta* Susan Ferrara* and Washington Kirk*

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